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Delegation of GZMU visited William Paterson University
2014-11-13 11:28  


    On October 26th to 28th, the delegation of Vice President of GZMU, the Dean of Art College, the Director of International Office visited William Paterson University.The delegation was invited by Professor Cong Zhiyuan who is in chartge of Chinese Art Center of William Paterson University.During the visit, the delegation had a symposium and discussed some cooperation possibilities.After the meeting, our Vice President Tang Jiantong wrote a note for the center which says "Well Coexist the Pluralistic Culture".  


    In the afternoon of 27th October, Prefessor Wang Jianshan gave a lecture named "Unique Woodcut" for 20 undergraduates and postgraduate students at William Partson University, which also appealed lots of artists in New York, they were all amazed by the art skill of professor Wang. Accompanied ith the applause of the students and artists, Professor Wang demonostrated his famous woodcut work "Miao Girl" . In the end, he presented this work to the university.    


    The Vice President Tang Jianrong presented William Paterson University a Shui calligraphy created by Professor Pan Chaolin - the Shui expert of Guizhou Minzu University.He also explained the meaning of this work.This work will be reserved at the library of the university permanently and be appreciated by the students there. 


    This visited appealed great attention of Chinese Media in In New Jersey and New York, newspapers like Global Chinese Times, American Chinese Newpaper,Chinese News weekly all reported about this visit, which greatly promoted the influence of Guizhou Minzu University in the United States.