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A Welcome Ceremony for William Paterson University
2015-06-04 17:30  

Our university held a welcome ceremony for William Paterson University in Conference Room 1 on June 2. The President, Prof. Zhang Xueli, Vice President, Prof. Tang Jianrong and appropriate departments heads attended the welcome ceremony.

Conference Scene




President, Prof. Zhang Gave the Welcome Speech




Vice President, Prof. Tang Chaired theConference




Prof. Chong Zhiyuan from Chinese Arts Centre of

William Paterson

University Gave A Speech




Miss Lauren Razzore, Head of Arts Department of

William Paterson University

Gave A Speech




At the end of the conference. The dean of fine arts college, Prof. Wang Jianshan and the teacher representative, Prof. Ma Jun presented two paintings from our university, expressing the deep friendship.


Group Picture