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Interview with the British Foreign Teacher of Our University -- Lee McCarron
2015-03-24 11:00  



Lee McCarron

On Mar. 13, 2015, it was the eighth months for Lee to be a foreign teacher in Guizhou Minzu University. Unlike the early days he came to Guiyang, he has given up the rigid teaching mode and started to use his passion to exaggerate the atmosphere of classes.

The stick is his magic key in class; it not only can make students quiet quickly, but also make them excited. In his class, he also encourages students to create new things based on their interests.

We all love him very much. Although we didnt have too much contact with him before, we like his class because he has many different ways to teach and he often plays games with us. The student Ai Jie said.

 When asked what his difference from the previous oral English teacher, Ai Jie said frankly: Lee has beautiful pronunciation and great fluency, it is more favorable to spoken practicing. Besides, his way of thinking is direct, so that we can get alone with each other naturally.

When the journalist asked why he came to China and became a teacher, he said with a smile: I just finished my school work in Britain, so I would like to have the different experience and see the different world.

Lee said when he comes back to Britain, he will continue teaching. When he is in China, he has learnt much different Chinese culture which helps him to enrich himself. Those special teaching experience will be his precious treasure in the future.