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The Water-Sprinkling Festival held in the College of International Education
2018-04-17 10:19  

On April 14, the college of International Education held the Water-Sprinkling Festival with overseas students from Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Bangladesh and Chinese students from other colleges to celebrate and take students to get a taste of the Laos’ Buddhist New Year(April 13-15).

Overseas students were all dressed up to attend the Water-Sprinkling Festival. It is known that the water-sprinkling activity is a sacred ceremony. People spread clear water on each others’ shoulder to give blessing and wish people a safe and happy new year. The more, the better. During the activity, overseas students splashed water over each other, they wish to wash out all the bad luck of last year and bring happiness of next new year.

Before water splashing, students sat in a circle, give each other New Year’s blessings, and at the same time, made confession of all the mistakes made in last year. After the praying finished, they put on white strings, which symbolized the benediction, for their friends and classmates around with good wishes.

Overseas students are praying

Tied the white strings for each other

After that, they splashed water, and chased each other. The campus was full of laughter. The band was playing classic songs of their countries on the stage. When the music started, all the overseas students stood in a line, matched to beat and began singing and dancing. Instead of splashing, they also put anthracite grey and talcum powder over each other. The reason why they use talcum powder is because the temperature is high in their country, the powder make them feel cool, and it also because the powder is colourful, which means they could live a colorful life in the future.

Give blessings by splashing water(1)

Give blessings by splashing water(2)

Give blessings by splashing water(3)

According to Qiao Feng from the class of Marxist Ethnic Theory and Policy, “Although the weather is cold, it can’t stop students’ enthusiasm. It’s very successful, we all get together to celebrate the New Year, feel the happy atmosphere of Laos’ Buddhist New Year, and enhance the friendship.

Group Photo