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The Second International Food Culture Festival Of Guizhou Minzu University Was Successfully Held
2018-06-02 11:36   审核人:

On the afternoon of June 1st, the second international food culture festival of the Guizhou Minzu University was successfully held at the track and field area in Huaxi Campus.


Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Tang Jianrong and Zhang Pengcheng, Vice President Wang Lin and Wei Wei attended the festival. More than 500 foreign students from 18 countries, including Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Russia, Korea, Thailand and the United States, cooked exotic cuisines and boosted cultural exchanges. At the same time, overseas students from Guizhou University, Guizhou University of Finance and Economics, Guizhou Normal University and Guizhou Polytechnic College were invited to participate in the event. Thousands of audiences were attracted to watch the performance and taste the delicious food at the same time. Many journalists also participated in the event.



Photo of Site of Festival (1)



Photo of Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Tang Jianrong 


Photo of Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Zhang Pengcheng


Photo of Vice President Wang Lin



Photo of Vice President Wei Wei given a Welcome Speech


In her speech, the Vice President Wei Wei pointed out that GZMU responded positively and implemented the "One Belt and One Way" initiative since the implementation of the internationalization of our school. She stressed on that cultural exchanges were multi-directional, and food culture exchange was one of the important contents. Through sharing food and culture by holding international food cultural activities, it could realize the exchange between Chinese and foreign scholars, making the International Food Festival an important highlight of our rich and colorful campus cultural activities and representing GZMU as one of the international cultural universities in Guizhou Province.


Photo of Site of Festival (2)



Photo of Representatives of International Students from Laos



Photo of Representatives of International Students from Cambodia



Photo of Food Making (1)



Photo of Food Making (1)



Photo of Site of Festival (3)



Photo of Site of Festival (4)



Photo of 1st Prize Winner of the Festival


In the course of food evaluation, Chinese sour soup fish and Laos sour hot pork shredded won the first prize; Teams of Thailand, Cambodia, South Korea, Bangladesh won the second prize; Teams of Kyrgyzstan, Vietnam, Japan, Nepal, Pakistan, Mongolia won the third prize. School leaders awarded the first three prizes in turn.



Photo of Performance (1)



Photo of Performance (2)


Through cuisine and art performances, students from different countries had fully demonstrated their own literacy and their own national culture. Through mutual exchange of tastes, these people from different countries and with different beliefs were able to fully appreciate the exotic culture. This food culture festival enables Chinese and foreign students to communicate and make progress together in an inclusive atmosphere of "food without borders".


"I'm very excited, I hope you all like the American food we prepared." Canrad-Ng from the United States is the first time to attend the Food Festival. In her opinion, it was a wonderful thing to share the food and culture from her country.


Qiao Feng, a Laos student studying abroad, was the second time to attend the Food Festival. This year, he had prepared different special dishes from last year. "I like this kind of activity very much. I can make many friends, learn the food culture of other countries, and disseminate the food culture of my own country."


Vietnamese student Tan Shixuan began preparing food festival half a month ago. She carefully selected the ingredients and selected the special food in different areas of Vietnam. She said that it is very happy to participate in such activities. The Food Culture Festival was a feast of food and culture. Here we showed our crafts and national dietary characteristics, so that more people can understand our country.


This International Food Culture Festival was hosted by School of International Education, Guizhou Minzu University. And the heads of functional departments attended the gourmet festival and affirmed the results this activity had achieved.

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