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The Sub-Forum Of "Judges And Ecological Civilization" Of The Ecological Civilization Guiyang International Forum Hosted By GZMU Was Successfully Held
2018-07-07 11:38   审核人:

On July 6th, the “Judges and Ecological Civilization” sub-forum of the 2018 Annual Meeting of the Ecological Civilization Guiyang International Forum was successfully held in Guiyang International Ecological Conference Center; Chinese and foreign judges and experts in environmental protection, education and social science research gathered together to conduct in-depth discussions on issues such as China's environmental law comparison, climate change, and environmental resources court practices. The interaction with the audience had made successful achievements.

The first phase of the sub-forum was chaired by Antonio Herman Benjamin, the judge of the Brazilian National High Court and Chairman of the IUCN Environmental Law Committee.


Han Deyang, president of the Higher People's Court of Guizhou Province, delivered a speech. He pointed out that justice plays an irreplaceable role in ecological environment governance. Under the guidance of Xi Jinping's ecological civilization, China has continuously improved the ecological environment legislation, continuously strengthened the enforcement of the ecological environment, and effectively strengthened the judicial protection of the ecological environment. The courts at all levels continued to promote the construction of specialized environmental institutions for ecological environment resources, strengthen the trial of ecological environment resources, and promote ecological The study of environmental justice theory promotes the continuous development of China's ecological environment justice.


Professor Wang Lin, Vice President of Guizhou Minzu University delivered a speech. He warmly welcomed Chinese and foreign guests to the conference and introduced the general situation of Guizhou Minzu University. He pointed out that building an ecologically civilized country is the development direction and construction goal established by China, and advocating the harmonious development between human and nature has become the consensus of the whole world. The judicial protection of the ecological environment by judges is an important way and means to promote the harmonious development of man and nature. As a provincial key university, Guizhou Minzu University has a long history and considerable strength. In the future, it will jointly explore new models and experiences of environmental trials with experts and scholars in the legal profession, and promote theoretical research on ecological civilization construction.


The Vice-Chairman of the World Conservation Union and the former Minister of the Ministry of Environmental Protection of Pakistan, Markley Amin Aslan Khan gave a warm speech and praised this sub-forum.


The second stage of the forum is the special guest speaker report.

The US Supreme Court Justice Mike Wilson, in conjunction with the actual situation in Hawaii, made a keynote report on "Climate Change Needs to Be Solved." The speech was lively and wonderful, and it aroused the applause of the scene.


Antonio Herman Benjamin also gave a keynote speech on the relationship between youth and environmental protection, and he hoped that young people from all countries would protect our planet for humanity.


The third stage of the forum is a parallel discussion. The judges from the courts of the Environmental Resources Court of the Guizhou Province, Yunnan Province, and Chongqing City, and the legal researchers of the university jointly discussed the "Chinese environmental law and the world environmental law situation". They also had an efficient interaction with the audience.


Experts from Guizhou Minzu University speak with Chinese and foreign judges

After the meeting, Antonio Herman Benjamin thanked our school for the detailed work of the sub-forum, highly affirmed the results of the forum, and took photos with our experts, scholars and work teams.


Chairman Benjamin took a group photo with our experts, scholars and work teams.

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