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The Welcome Ceremony Of The "Chinese Bridge" ASEAN Youth Summer Camp Was Held In GZMU
2018-07-24 11:54   审核人:

To promote friendly exchanges among youth in China and ASEAN countries. On July 24th, the 11th China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week——“Chinese Bridge”hosted by the Confucius Institute Headquarters and Hanban, co-organized by Guizhou Minzu University, the Welcome Ceremony of the Summer Camp was held in the Building No.15, Huaxi Campus, Wei Wei, Vice-president, Yang Changru, faculty tutor of ethnology, vice chairman of the Chinese National Association attended the Summer Camp. Students from nine ASEAN countries attended the activity. The welcome ceremony was hosted by Xie Jinfang, Deputy Director of the International Exchange and Cooperation Office of the GZMU.


Photo of Vice President Wei Wei in the Speech

Wei Wei delivered a speech. She firstly extended a warm welcome to the students of the 11th China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week——“Chinese Bridge” ASEAN Summer Camp. She introduced the basic situation of our school from the aspects of talent cultivation, discipline construction and cultural innovation. She said that as the host and organizer of this summer camp, our school has made meticulous preparations in the early stage, selected professional teachers as the team leader, and selected outstanding students to volunteer. She said that “I believe that Guizhou's colorful ethnic customs and Guiyang, full of urban charm, will leave a deep impression on everyone.” She hopes that young students from ASEAN countries will enhance understanding and friendship through cultural exchanges and experiences, and jointly build a friendly bridge between China and ASEAN.

Prof. Yang Changru gave a lecture to the youth athletes in the Chinese Summer Camp on the overview of Guizhou's ethnic minorities from three aspects: the general situation of Guizhou's historical development, the historical origin of Guizhou's ethnic minorities and the customs of ethnic minorities. During the lecture, he introduced Guizhou's development history, geographical climate, ethnic minority culture and so on. Combining with the ethnic minority population data, the athletes could understand the distribution of ethnic minorities in our province. Through the picture display, the athletes could experiencel the unique ethnic minority customs such as dress culture, diet culture and ethnic architecture in our province. Yang Changru's lecture was rich in content and novel in way, which attracted the young players present deeply.

http://news.gzmu.edu.cn/_mediafile/xww/2018/07/24/2elzbuvj9d.jpg Photo of Prof.Yang in His Lecture

The contestants expressed their love for Chinese culture and wrote their Chinese names on the blackboard. They showed great interest in visiting the ancient books restoration room of the library.


Photo of Lesson


Photo of Contestant (1)


Photo of Contestant (1)


Photo of Contestant (3)



Photo of Group Contestants Visiting Campus (1)


Photo of Group Contestants Visiting Campus (1)


Photo of Group Contestants Visiting Library (1)


Photo of Group Contestants Visiting Library (2)


Photo of Group Contestants Visiting Library (3)


Group Photo

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