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Research Institute of Ethnic Culture Industry Development
2015-01-02 15:21   审核人:


The Research Institute was officially founded in September, 2013 based on the spirits of accelerating the development of the culture industry proposed by the central government. The establishment of the Institute aims to primarily impel research of the culture industry theories and theoretical innovations.

Currently, the Institute has cooperated with six research institutions, namely, Ethnic Culture Industry Research Base of Central China Normal University, Moutai Liquor Culture Research Institute of Guizhou Minzu University, National Folk Culture Technology Park of Guizhou Minzu University, Colorful Guizhou Culture Innovation Centre, Research Base of Tangible Cultural Heritage Yao Medicine and Medicated Bath and Guizhou Eco-culture Association to pool talents to establish a stronger research platform.

The Institute is subdivided into 7 research offices: Research Office of Fundamental Theoretical Innovations of Ethnic Culture Industry, Research Office of Brand Strategy of Ethnic Culture Industry, Research Office of Marketing Development and Investment Policy of Ethnic Culture Industry, Research Office of Planning and Construction of Ethnic Culture Industrial Park, Research Office of Ethnic Culture Transmission Development, and the Research and Training Office of Human Resources of Ethnic Culture Industry.

Moreover, the Institute works jointly with over 20 research teams, namely, Research Team of Ethnic Culture Resource,Research Team ofEthnic Artifacts, Research Team of Ethnic Calligraphy and Painting, Research Team of Ethnic Song and Dance, Research Team of Ethnic Tourism, Research Team of Ethnic Medicine, Research Team of Ethnic Physical Education Equipments,Research Team ofProtection of Endangered Ethnic Culture, Research Team of Existing Ethnic Documents, Research Team of Regional Culture, Research Team of Creative Movie & Television Production and Animation Production, Research Team of Social Governance and Development of Economic Society, Research Team of Guizhou Ethnic Culture Translation, Research Team of Ethnic Architectural Culture, Research Team of Guizhou Ceramics and Lacquerware, Research Team of Guizhou Dixi Opera, Research Team of Guizhou Ethnic Embroidery and Weaving, Research Team of Ethnic Culture Transmission and Media Industry, Research Team of Integration of Ethnic Culture and Technology, Research Team of Ethnic Culture and Digital Art and others. The teaching faculty of the Institute numbers over 200 (including part-time experts, scholars and researchers).

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