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A Brief Introduction to the College of Music and Dance
2015-01-20 15:48  

The College of Music and Dance, an institute authorized by central government to grant higher education degree and cultivate professional talents in the fields of music and dance, was founded in 1955. Over a long period of practice, the College has adhered to socialistic directions to run the school, national education reform policies, the idea of developing distinctive disciplines, and to the spirit of innovation, featuring ethnic and regional culture, integration of disciplines and practice, diverse and open education. It has produced a great number of talents in the fields of music and dance, which has facilitated the development of cultural undertakings in Guizhou province and even in Southwest China.

The College of Music and Dance currently has four undergraduate majors, namely Music(a provincial special major and a key discipline at college level), Music Performance, Dance, and Dance Performance, as well as two postgraduate majors, namely Arts and Chinese Ethnic Arts under the management of four departments(Department of Music, Department of Music Performance, Department of Dance, and Department of Music of Ethnic Minorities. The College currently has sixty three teaching and administrative faculty members, nine professors, eight supervisors for postgraduate students, eleven associate professors and over twenty teachers with Master Degrees or higher levels. Besides, the College has one committee member of Music and Dance Committee in Higher Education Institutes subordinate to Ministry of Education, one vice president of Association of Guizhou Musicians, one provincial top teacher, one provincial leader of discipline research, one leader of discipline researches and one of academic researches at college level, as well as several academic backbones.

In recent years, the College of Music and Dance has undertaken more than thirty scientific researches among which are three national researches and ten provincial researches. Besides, the College has published seven monographs and over a hundred academic papers. The College has also given large-scale theatrical performances in Guizhou province and thus has made a great contribution to both cultural and economic development in Guizhou.Color of Nature, a Guizhou country dance, has won gold award in the Fourth National Art Performance of Ethnic Minorities;I Love Guizhou, andRoadmiaohave won gold awards in the fourth and fifth Guizhou Art Performance respectively. Apart from these, the college has obtained excellent results in various national contests as well as in the contest of Wonderful Guizhou, in categories of singing, dancing and proposing.

Currently, the College has 900 students in both undergraduate and postgraduate departments. In a long period of artistic practice and school management, it has become a well structured college, serving as an institute to inherit and promote ethnic culture and arts, to cultivate art talents and conduct ethnic art researches.


Contact: Dean: Desong Tang

              Tel: 86-851-83612799