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Introduction to College of Literature
2015-01-20 15:47  

The College of Literature was established in 2010 which was recomposed from Chinese Linguistics and Literature major and Chinese Minority Languages. The present leaders are: Party Secretary Professor Wan Qiuyue, vice Secretary Wu Dingcuan, Dean Professor Wang Wenxue, Vice-dean Professor He Youning and Professor Long Haiyan.

There are three undergraduate majors at the College of Literature: Chinese Linguistics and Literature (Provincial Demonstrative Subject), Chinese Minority Language (Provincial Key Featured Subject) and Preschool Pedagogy. Some academic research and results on Chinese Linguistics and Literature are influential in China. Besides, Cause“Modern Chinese” is enlisted as the ‘Provincial Excellent Course’; “The Spiritual Tradition of Chinese” is the National Video Excellent Course; “Miao Language”is enlisted as the Provincial Key Course. The teaching group of Chinese literature is also awarded as the Provincial Preeminent Team.

There is one A Level master program at College of Literature which includes directions of “Literary Theory”, “Chinese Classical Philology”, “Study of Chinese Characters”, “Linguistic and Applied Linguistics”, “Ancient Chinese Literature”, “Contemporary Chinese Literature” , “Chinese Minority Linguistics and Literature” and “Comparative Literature and World Literature”. The College of Literature of Guizhou Minzu University is the only one in Guizhou which sets up the entire eight research directions. The major of literature has a school history of 60 years with outstanding educational advantages which accumulated great academic achievements and formed a strong teaching team.

The college has a faculty of 62 people, with 56 teachers and 6 executive staff. There are 11 professors, 34 associate professors and 11 lecturers among the faculty. Currently, there are about 800 undergraduates and 50 postgraduates at the college.

Some organizations are also under the management of the College of Literature, namely: “Research Center of Guizhou Minority Literature”, “Guizhou Bilingual Teaching and Research Base of Chinese and Minority Languages”, “Guizhou Training Center for Bilingual Education”, “Guizhou Bilingual Service Center for Bilingual Education”, “Training Base for Chinese and Minority language Translators” , “Sound Lab for Guizhou Minority Language” and the “Study and Exam Center of Chinese Mandarin”.

The College of Literature attaches great importance to academic research and discipline development. Teachers endeavor to teach well by research and likewise research through teaching. In the past three year, the college has published 20 bits of academic work, 100 academic papers; presided over 10 projects of National Fund for Social Sciences Studies, 4 projects of Education Ministry Fund for Social Sciences Studies, 7 projects of Provincial Fund for Social Science Studies, and 9 projects with Fund of Provincial Educational Department for Social Science Studies. The College has made great contribution to the study and research of Guizhou minority languages and literatures, as well as Guizhou local philology and literature and other fields of Chinese linguistics and literature, which all achieved fruitfully and gained great influences.


Contact: Dean: Wenxue Wang

              Tel: 86-851-83613465