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Introduction to College of Fine Arts
2015-01-20 15:44  

The College of Fine Arts at Guizhou Minzu University was established in 1955. As the important teaching and research institute in cultural and art area in Guizhou Province, the College of Fine Arts enjoys good fame in the filed of art education. The major of Esthetics is enlisted as demonstrative undergraduate major in Guizhou Province. The course for woodcut majors is named as Excellent Course in Guizhou.

Art works of the teachers and students have been frequently awarded national or provincial medals. Numerous papers or fine art works are published in national or provincialcore periodicals. Most graduates from The College of Fine Arts work for the cultural art organizations, professional academies or public institutions and made great contributions to the development of fine arts.

There are 7 undergraduate majors at College of Fine Arts, which are Esthetics, Graphic Design, Environment Design, Costume and Ornament Design, Product Design, Animation and Calligraphy (unique in Guizhou) . Under different majors, there are different directions for students to choose. For Esthetics, there are directions of Chinese Painting, Oil Painting and Woodcut; for Product Design majors, there are Touristic Crafts Design and Ethnic Folk Art Skill, the latter is only permitted major in Guizhou Province. The college has 2 teaching and researching offices and 3 academic research institutes.

From 2008, the College started to enroll postgraduates for the major of Chinese Minority Fine Arts, and the College is expected to enroll postgraduate for Esthetic majors from 2015. At present, the enrollment is 1000 undergraduates and 13 postgraduates. The College for Fine Arts is dedicated to cultivate high qualified and fully applied talents who own good cultural and artistic attainments as well as basic research and creative abilities so that they can be competent to be teachers of middle or higher educational institutes or fine arts department.

The college has a faculty of 69 people with 5 professors, 23 associate professors, 32 lecturers, 4 assistant teachers and 9 executive staffs. Among the teachers, there is 1 expert who enjoys the government special allowance of Guizhou Province; 3 Provincial Excellent Experts and 9 visiting professors, one of the experts hold the vice chairman of Guizhou Fine Arts Association.

Collegeof Fine Arts attached great attention to academic exchange and invited experts from America, Russia, France, Japan, Australia, Canada, Korea and Luxembourg to give lectures at the College. In the same time, some of the teachers also visited other countries to exchange academics and hold exhibitions, which helps the College of Fine Arts build a friendly relationship with relevant colleges of other countries.


Contact: Dean: Jianshan Wang

              Tel: 86-851-83613799