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A Brief Introduction to the College of Mechatronic Engineering
2017-03-14 08:50  

The College of Mechatronic Engineering was founded in Sep, 2016, which is the integration of some majors in the College of Science and Technology and College of Information Engineering. Now it involves 5 undergraduate majors, which are Physics, Measuring and Control Instrument, Mechatronic Engineering, Electronic Information Science and Technology and Optoelectronic Information Science and Engineering. The college takes on the teaching task of two public courses: College Physics and College Physics Experiment. It has 1 master degree with independent second-class disciplines of Computer Physics. At present, there are 1006 full-time undergraduate students.

The college has 5 education departments, which are Department of Physics, Department of Measure and Control, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Optoelectronics and Department of College Physics. There are 48 staff on the payroll. Among them, there are 6 professors, 17 vice professors, 1 senior technician, 10 lectures, 10 teaching assistants; of the faculty, there are 10 Ph.D. teachers, 3 Ph. D. students, 2 academic leaders and1 backbone teacher.

The college has 2 provincial key labs (pattern-recognition and intelligent system’s laboratory), 2 provincial important research projects of innovative group (molecule to quark microscopic physical properties of particles and Nanophotonics and innovative electronic design), 1 provincial center of innovation and entrepreneurship (Guizhou Machine Intelligence system innovation and entrepreneurship training center) and 1 provincial comprehensive reform program (the comprehensive reform pilot of Measuring and Control Instrument). Besides, the college has 2 school-level experiment teaching demonstration centers (the physical experiment teaching demonstration center and the electronics experiment teaching demonstration center), 1 open laboratory for electronic production, 1 professional lab for measuring and control instrument, 1 professional lab of Mechatronic Engineering, 1 professional lab of Electronic Information Science and Technology, 1 professional lab of Optoelectronic Information Science and Engineering, 1 customized books and reference room, total assets of$20 million.

The college has 3 school-level key disciplines (Physics, Control Science and Engineering, Electronic Engineering), 1 school-level research talents team (Applied Physics), 1 school-level teaching team (College Physics Experiment Teaching team), 1 school-level high-quality curriculum (Single-chip Microcomputer and Interface Technology).

Since 2000, in the China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modelling, we won 2 national first prizes, 25 national second prizes, 58 first prizes, 94 second prizes and 37 third prizes in Guizhou division. From the Mathematics competition of Chinese College Students in 2010, we have been awarded with 4 national third prizes, 12 first prizes, 21 second prizes and 40 third prizes in Guizhou division. From the National Undergraduate Electronics Design Contest in 2001, we have been awarded with 2 national first prizes, 3 national –level second prizes, 3 grand prizes, 6 first prizes, 8 second prizes and 14 third prizes in Guizhou division. In the China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest, the college has been awarded with 2 national third prizes, 8 first prizes, 9 second prizes, 19 third prizes in Guizhou division. During the Pan-Pearl River Delta computer works’ contest, we won 1 silver award in 2009, 1 bronze award in 2011, 1 bronze award in 2013. The college has been awarded with the first prize in Guizhou division and in southwest division during the National Undergraduate Business Plan Competition, and we received the first prize group in the national finals; Students who attended the 2011 Challenge Cup won 1 national third prize and 2 first prizes in Guizhou division; those who attended College Physics Experiment competition in southwest area won 1 second prize and 2 third prizes.

The college in recent years undertakes 3 research projects of Natural Science Foundation of China and more than 60 provincial high-level research projects; the university faculty has published hundreds of academic papers in China and abroad, of which over 70 of these essays are indexed by SCI and EI. The college attaches great attention to academic exchange, we hired academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Li Jiaming, Yang Le and “Yangtze Scholar” Meng Jie as the honorary professors and migratory bird type talents.

Contact: Dean: Hong Tong