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Preparatory education faculty of Guizhou Minzu university
2016-01-20 16:17  

The Preparatory Education Faculty was established in 2003, Dec, formed by the preparatory education department and the secondary specialized school. The preparatory education stated from 1954, and suspended due to the revocation of the Guizhou Minzu College. The enrolled was recovered in 1984, and the “preparatory” was changed to “preparatory education department”. In May 2006, the preparatory education faculty was approved by the Guizhou education department to create the “preparatory education base for the ethnic minority higher learning”. In 2008, the Preparatory Education Faculty and National Education Faculty Beijing University of Post&Telecommunication cooperated to establish “The National Preparatory Education base --- the Preparatory Education Research Center of Minority Nationality in Southwest China”.

Ethnic preparatory teaching is an special and important segment of our country’s ethnic higher education, and it’s also a very important way to quicken the development of the ethnic higher education; it’s a “bridge” to help the minority students to move to the university. According to the Guizhou government’s request in 1997, students from the different universities in Guizhou have to be sent to the ethnic preparatory teaching faculty for one year study. From 2001,the faculty started to face different province including Guangxi, Hunan, Hubei, Henan, Gansu, Yunnan, Neimeng, and Fujian for the minority students enrollment. So far, there have been millions of students sent to the university study from the ethnic preparatory teaching faculty.

Currently the faculty has 27 employees, including 18 teachers with master degree, 1 phd student, 2 teaching leaders, 2 professors, 11 associate professors, 5 teachers with intermediate grade and 6 executive staff. There are about 1000 students in the faculty, being divided into 20 classes. And the teachers and the executive staff will be the head teacher and political instructor of the classes

The faculty has liberal arts departments, science departments, computer labs, office of party and government affairs, student department, teaching department, youth league, vocational education departments and other departments. Now the faculty has about 70 computers, more than 8000 books in the library. The staff of the faculty is dedicated, and does a lot of research during the daily teaching work. In the last few years, they have released about 150 academic papers, and edit 5 textbooks, 10 monograph and 3 preparatory training textbooks.

The leading group members of the Guizhou Minzu University preparatory education faculty are united, young and innovative. With the help and support from the provincial education department and ethnic affairs department, with the leader of the school party committee, with the trust from the other universities, the leading group are using the scientific views of development command the overall situation of the teaching, and leading all the employees to fresh perspectives, deepening teaching reformation, completing rules, raising our working efficiency, and we are gaining the support from the education department and the ethnic affairs department. Trying to build “the base of the preparatory education of the minority by the education department” and “the base of the preparatory education of the state ethnic affair”, and using this, to build the base into a talent development base with excellent system, effective measure, and outstanding achievements. Try to make the faculty into a new step with size, structure and quality.

The Preparatory education faculty of Guizhou Minzu university will hold firm to the corrent teaching and guiding ideology, uphold the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, using the Deng Xiaoping theory and “three represents intensively”, under the scientific viewpoint of development, carried out the main thinking by Chairman Xi, fully implement the party’s policy on education and national, to emancipate the mind, seeking truth from facts, using of power for education reform and curriculum construction, adhere to the scientific management, outstand the ethnic characteristics, to play a positive role in strengthen national unity and maintain the reunification of the mother land.


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