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A Brief Introduction to the College of Ethnology and Sociology
2016-01-20 16:14  

The College of Ethnology and Sociologyin Guizhou Minzu university was established in Jan, 2010, based on the foundation of the cultural faculty and society development faculty. Currently, the faculty has undergraduate majors of history, sociology, ethnology, social work and cultural management; two master conferrable spots for the ethnology and sociology; a doctor for special needs training projects which is called the project to train the social management talents for the southwest nationalities area; one main subject which is provincial level for ethnology and sociology; two majors as the model major for the ethnology and sociology in provincial level; one research major for the ethnology undergraduate major reforming; two innovation base for the master teaching for the ethnology and sociology; one excellent talent projects for sociology masters; two team for the ethnology and sociology in provincial level; and a key subject for the history and a education featured program construction.

The College has 50 teaching and administrative staff, and 7 of them are professors, 28 of them are associate professors, 13 of them arelectures,2 of them are assistants, 20 of the teachers with PhD degree and 5 are PhD students. In the teaching team, the college has 3 senior level professors, 3 provincial management leaders, 5 school subject leaders, 5 doctorial tutors and 20 master tutors.There are 702 undergraduates,152 postgraduates and 6 Ph.D students.

The history is the first major we offered for undergraduates, and we enrolled the first student in 1983, and different areas such as history education has been established. Famous experts like Hou Shaozhuang, Shi Jizhong and Gu Piaoguang were used to be the dean of the history major.

The major of sociology enrolled the first undergraduates in 1988, and was determined as the school level important discipline in 2000. In 2006, it was qualified as a master conferrable spot and determined as one of the provincial important subjects. In 2007, it was graded as the provincial model programs and was graded as the national model programs (third batch) in 2008. Then, the Ph.D students have been enrolled in 2013. Wu Xiaoping, doctorial tutor used to be the president of the sociology development faculty and Yang Tingshuo, the famous scholar used to work in this faculty.

In the early 1950’s, there is research group for the ethnology. In 1991, the ethnology major became the one of the first important major in Guizhou province. The first undergraduates were enrolled in 1998. There are three areas in this major which is museum, cultural relics management, and visual ethnology. In 2006 it has been determined as the point of master degree, and in 2007 it has been approved to become a model undergraduate major in Guizhou. At the same time, the first batch of masters have been enrolled. The enrollment of the Ph.D started in 2013, and doctorial tutor Yang Changru and Shi kaizhong is the leader of this major.

The major of social work is a new undergraduate major in the new century, and started the first enrollment in 2003.

The major of culture management was approved to be established by The Department of Education in Mar.2011, and currently it has 128 students.

Regards to the teaching and research platform, we have several key national research base approved by the ethnic department; including Guizhou Clan research base, the building base called “the research base of southwest ethic areas social construction and social management”, “Research base in Guizhou about rural in China with Central China normal university”, “National culture and social management innovation research center”

We also have the “training base of the social management talent in Guizhou”. And we have built more than 20 practical training bases cooperating with the local government and social service agencies. In the last few years, we worked with different research institutes and universities, such as Chinese Academy of Social, RUC, Xi’an Jiaotong University, to finish the general social survey and the economic and social change in the western china. We also started the research of the Chinese labour force with Zhongshan University and cooperation with CARD about the project that called “ten years to observe the rural china”.

Regards to the researching achievements, in the last few years, our researchers have released more than 300 academic papers, published 45 academic books, and presided 44 departmental projects- 11 of them are national level projects. We have hosted 6 international, national and provincial academic conferences, and have joined more than 100 times of the academic conference, and achieved 22 awards.

In the long term education history,Gradually formed a national historical and cultural localization, localization of ethnology, sociology, social management innovation, rural field research and other unique research field and research direction. We have more than 6000 graduates and most of them have good reputation among the employers. Some of them have became the backbone of their industry, some of them have became the leader of their area.


Contact: Dean: Kaizhong Shi

              Tel: 86-851-83610994