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A Brief Introduction to the College of Tourism and Airline Service
2016-01-20 16:13  

The predecessor of the College of Tourism and Airline Service is the Tourism Department established in 1993. Itwasrenamed as the Tourism Faculty in July 2004, and then the College of Tourism and Airline Service in December 2009.

The College of Tourism and Airline Serviceis the first higher educationfacultyof tourism in Guizhou, affiliating the branch of China Travel Association Education. The major of tourism management has been approved as the “model major in national high education” and a key subject at college level in Guizhou Minzu University.

The college has enrolled 1495 students, 367 of whom are full time undergraduate students including three overseas students, and 1128 undergraduates studying in airline service.

The college has 33 staff members, including 6 professors, 10 associate professors, 10 lecturers, 6 of whom are with Ph.D degree, 12 with master degree and 3of whom are Ph.D candidates, teachers with a master degree or higher take up 65%. Some of the teachers either graduated from university overseas or have experienceofstudying abroad. The college has one school level department leader, one academic leader of the young and the middle aged, one model teacher at provincial level and two academic backbones.

The college has three departments, they are the Department of Tourism Management, Department of Tourism Service and Department of Airline Service with two traditional undergraduate majors(tourism management and music performance) in four directions(Tourism Management, Tour Guide, Tourism Planning and Exploration and Airline Service) and one new major the exhibition economy and management. Music performing is an undergraduate major cooperating with Beijing Guanghui jintong Education Limited. At the same time, the college is the center of programs of master degree in the fields of tourism anthropology, ecological anthropology and artistic anthropology.

Adhering to the idea of cultivating talents in aviation and tourism service with solid background and academic diversity, the college has established several bases for teaching and internship in and outside Guizhou province. It aims to root in Guizhou but open to the whole country, to serve the minorities communities in economic and social development and focuses on training students with comprehensive abilities in practical activities. Besides, in order to develop students’ practical abilities, it has cooperated with many tourism and airline companies to set up several teaching practice bases in Guizhou.

We emphasis on cultivating double-qualified teachers. 11 teachers have been granted professional manager of national tourism hotel and department manager of the tourism agent, and another 6 teachers IATA.

The college enjoys a reputation of outstanding teaching and research abilities. It has obtained two national social sciences fund projects, 10-plus provincial researches, and has played an important role in hundreds of local tourism planning and certification projects. Teachers of the college have published about 300 academic papers, five treatises, and ten books. Among its courses, “tourism marketing” and “tourism manners and etiquette” have been awarded as the provincial level model courses. The college enjoys a good social reputation among universities and tourism in and outside Guizhou province.

The college boasts its results in scientific researches and education of party construction among students. It has been awarded as “five best basic party organization”, “excellent basic party organization”, and “advanced party branch”. In addition, advanced students like Yang Aiqing who was willing to give away her ring to help fund new teaching buildings, and Tan Shiyu, the champion of the “international tourism miss China”

With the development of more than 20 years, the college has formed a system of education and researches with well-structured courses, excellent teaching and well-equipped facilities. The average employment rate of graduating students the last three years is 96.68%, which has been recognized by the society.


Contact: Dean: Rui Gong

              Tel: 86-851-83611815