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The College of Architectural Engineering
2016-01-20 16:11  

The College of Architectural Engineering was established in 2004 which has three departments --- construction planning, civil engineering, and mining engineering and with five majors which are architectural, civil engineering, engineering management, urban planning, and mining engineering. The first students of architectural were enrolled in 2004. The major of civil engineering was established in 2007. Then the major of engineering management was established in 2010 and the major of urban planning and mining engineering was established in 2012. The faculty has about 1100 existing full time undergraduate students. The graduates are working in the government departments, companies, design institutes, throughout the province even the country related to the civil engineering. They are becoming the backbones and were widely praised.

Our faculty has 60 teachers. More than 95% of them have PhD and master degree. we have published hundreds of papers in the last 5 years --- 50 of them are major papers, and 20 of them have been collected by the SCI,EI, ISIP, and Undertaken about 30 province level research projects, 6 treatise, and numbers of large scale architecture design.

The College has built the architecture CAD lab, surveying and mapping lab, dynamics lab, material performance lab, structure engineering lab; and is building the architecture model, mining engineering, architecture acoustics lab, which will come into service soon. All the labs are widely functioned, not only supporting the teaching of different majors, but also support the research projects of different architecture engineer, to promote the development of calculation, design and testing in the architecture areas. The faculty has built about 10 innovative practice bases, cooperating with companies like Guizhou Contraction and supervisors limited.

Teaching is the corner stone of our college and researching is the development driver of the college. We will intensify the educational reform and strengthen the teaching management; serve the development of the civil industry from Guizhou to the southwest area of china. Our aim is to develop individuals who are able to design, construct, and manage, who are called the “applied” talent.


Contact: Dean: Jianping Wang

              Tel: 86-851-83612911