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The College of Marx-Leninism
2016-01-20 16:09  


The College of Marx-Leninism was founded in September, 2009 after the reorganization of subjects within the University.

It is composed of 5 teaching offices: Marxism Principle Teaching Office, Maoism and Theory System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics Teaching Office, Teaching Office of Chinese Contemporary History, Ethnic Theory Teaching Office, Fundamentals of Law Teaching Office, and Ideological and Moral Cultivation Teaching Office.

The teaching facultynumber isover 80, among which,28 are full-time lecturers, and 12 of them have obtained Ph.D degree.

In the past 5 years, the teaching faculty has published openly more than 20 books and over 400 academic papers and has compiled 7 textbooks. Also, it has accomplished more than 30 research programs supported by the National Fund of Social Science, obtained nearly 10 outstanding achievement awards of both provincial and ministerial levels and 8 teaching awards.


Contact: Dean: Jichang Liu

                        Tel: 86-851-83610856