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A Brief Introduction to the College of Media
2016-01-20 16:05  


Collegeof Media was established at the end of 2009. The College is especially stronginthe research field of Journalism and Communication Studies, which is the only provincial level key disciplineandit is one of the major bases for media talent cultivation, distance education, and transmission of ethnic culture in Southwest China. The College owns advanced teaching facilities: Experiment and Training Centre for Modern Media and Education Technology, Research Platform of Media Application and Communication Innovation in Ethnic Regions, Application Platform for Research and Practice in New Media, Virtual Studio, Digital Recording Studio,Non-linear Editing Experiment Centre, VR Virtual Digital Laboratory, and Exhibition Laboratory.

The College is subdivided into five departments: Department of Journalism, Department of Advertising, Department of Radio and Television, Department of New Media, and Department of Educational Technology, within which,over 10 undergraduate programs are offered, ranging from Journalism, Communication Studies, Radio and Television, Advertising, Internet and New Media, Radio & Television Editing and Directing, Broadcasting and Hosting, Arts of Digital Media and Educational Technology(including distance education). Furthermore, graduate education is double-folded, offering both academic degree and professional degree. The former includes Sociological Communication Studies, Journalism and Communication inEthnicRegions, while the latter is composed of Journalism and Communication, Arts of Radio & Television.

Currently, it has about 2000 undergraduates and dozens of graduate students. The teaching facultynumber isover 80. Thirty of them are full professors and associate professors, of which 20 are PHD holders graduated from elite universities of China. Moreover, the College has set up close connections with the journalism, media and culture industry world, both in the province and outside, having created over 70 internship bases.


Contact: Dean: Chunlong Yan

              Tel: 86-851-83610975