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A Brief Introduction to College of Humanities and Sciences
2016-01-20 16:03  


College of Humanities and Sciences of Guizhou Minzu University , ratified by Guizhou provincial government , was founded in 2001. It is established by Guizhou Minzu University, invested by private capital and ratified under the 26thorder issued by Ministry of Education. The College of Humanities and Sciences is also an independent legal entity, boasting its innovative mechanism.

The campus is an ideal place to study, teach and conduct researches. It is clean, beautiful and well equipped, adjoining Guizhou Minzu University and Guizhou University, facing Huaxi Wetland Park, surrounded by green mountains with Guiyang Confucius Institute across the river. The college, standing out from 322 colleges, was awarded as National Advanced Independent College in July, 2010.

The campus covers an area of 100, 667 square meters with both dormitories and buildings for teaching and administration covering 80, 000 square meters respectively. The college has equipment worth 30,000,000 yuan. Now, the college is engaging in building its new campus, an area of land occupying 253.3 square kilometers and authorized the right to use it by government in Huaxi University Town. It will achieve the goal of sharing teaching resources of higher education among more than ten universities in and out Guizhou Province.

The College of Humanities and Sciences has adopted Dean Management System under the leadership of the Board, forming a highly capable, practical, and efficient team aiming to be innovative, and make an effort for the prosperity and a better development of the college.

Upholding the idea of educating excellent teachers and students, of learning widely from different points of views and valuing prestigious teachers, the College of Humanities and Sciences, benefiting from the professional advantage and education resources of Universities such as Guizhou University and Guizhou Minzu University boasts its professional teaching faculty and has invited prestigious professors, prominent entrepreneurs, celebrities from around different parts of China to deliver speeches and even set up courses.

The college of Humanities an Sciences has set up seven departments( Department of Law, Department of Literature, Department of Management, Department of Arts and Education, Department of Engineering, Department of Foundamentals and Training Department), ranging from seven disciplines of laws, education, literature, sciences, engineering, management to arts, including twenty two majors. The college enroll students from around China with a population of 7093 students coming from twelve provinces and regions such as Guizhou, Shandong, Shanxi, Henan, Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi, Jiangsu, Fujian, Anhui, Sichuan, and Chongqing. Since the establishment of the college, it has produced near 9, 000 undergraduate students, which provide China, especially Guizhou with talents for the economic and social development.

Over the past years, The College of Humanities and Sciences has taken an initiative step to adapt itself to the new trend of national economy, society and higher education, aiming to become a distinctive and applicable undergraduate institute. It has devoted itself to transform into a modernized and technological college; from a relatively conservative school into a more open one; from a traditional knowledge- oriented education into a professional one by steadily advocating the concepts of “’Cooperation between Colleges and enterprises; combination of education and business’ and ‘Based on capability and Valuing practice’”.

The College had made an active effort to optimize its professional structure and make it more relevant to industrial development. Based on the ideas of valuing practice, cluster development, distinctive education, quality enhancement, the College had adjusted its disciplines to technological advancement by making them more distinctive and practice-oriented; by setting up new disciplines to cater to local major and strategic new industries; and by making the college education highly relevant to local industries so as to enhance its discipline construction and meet the society’s demand for talents.

The college has been exploring a mode to cultivate innovative talents and highlight practice by improving practical talents training programs and reforming curriculum structure with ability training in its core. Besides, the college has been aiming at both on-campus and off-campus education cooperating with enterprises; at enhancing students’ professional proficiency and working ability; at building a practical talents training mode in the goal of combining industry, study and research; and at integrating teaching, study and practice.

The college has been making active efforts to build a platform for practice, combine industry and education and cultivate talents. Benefiting from the practice platform, the college, cooperating with enterprises and public institutions in various fields has set up platforms for practice and education. So far it has signed up with 80-plus practice basements, which provide students with extensive opportunities to practice so as to enhance their practical and innovative ability.

The College of Humanities and Sciences has strengthened exchange and cooperation with universities at home and abroad so as to broaden its education fields. Following the idea of “Open education and introducing quality teaching resources”, The college has cooperated with universities in like America and Britain, adopting “4+2” and “3+1”programs, which allow students to take courses and get credits in universities abroad, or even get granted diploma overseas. Besides, The college has selected outstanding students to receive education up to one year annually in key universities such as Peking Language College, Central China Normal University, Ji’nan University and Southwest University

In recent years, students in the College of Humanities and Sciences have made outstanding performances in competitions ranging from sports, fine arts, music, English, writing to technology. The college has witnessed an increasing number of students admitted to “985”Engineering Universities , “211” Engineering Universities and universities abroad for post-graduation programs. Besides, a great number of students have obtained Cisco Certified Network Associate(CCNA), Intermediate Network Engineering Certificate, Teachers Qualification, Juridical Exam Certificate A and C, and CategoryIandIIJudges Qualifications.

The college of Humanities and Sciences has cultivated ten batches of students, totaling 8600 in number, of which 93.47% have been employed and 80% granted academic diplomas.


Contact: Vice-president: Wei Du   Tel: 86-851-83606663

              Vice-president: Wei Huang   Tel: 86-851-83610777