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A Brief Introduction to College of Chemistry and Environmental Science
2016-01-20 16:01  


The College of Chemistry and Environmental Science was founded on October, 27th, 1992. Currently, it has set up five undergraduate majors, namely; applied chemistry, environmental science, pharmacy, environmental science, engineering pharmacology science and ecological engineering of environment. Besides these, the College has also set up one master degree program of environmental engineering, together with two master degree programs of two secondary disciplines, pharmacy of ethnic minorities and laws of resources and environment protection.

The College has enrolled students from over different parts of China with a population of 753 students. Adhering to the aim of combining teaching with scientific researchandcombining teaching with productivity, the College has cultivated 1133 students with a bachelor degree in the fields of chemistry, chemical engineering, environment protection and pharmacy, the majority of whom work in schools, scientific research institutes, government, enterprises and public institutions.

The College has adhered to the idea of discipline construction and has adjusted itself in construction of new majors, new courses and discipline development to the demand of national and regional economic development, so as to cultivate comprehensive and able talent with solid theoretical basis and practical ability to serve Guizhou ethnic minorities. Over a two-decade development and exploration, the College, based on basic chemistry and applied chemistry, has made an effort to improve the discipline of pharmacy by strengthening the theoretical connection between applied chemistry and disciplines of environmental science, environmental science and engineering and environmental ecological engineering as well as strengthening their practical research。

The College boasts a team of teachers with solid academic backgrounds. There are 56 teachers among whom 27 have obtained a doctor degree, 20 a masters degree, including 11 professors,35 associate professors and senior experimentalists, 10 lecturers, experimentalists and teaching assistants. The College has one teacher enjoying a special allowance awarded by the State Council; one has been awarded the New Century Talent by National Ministry of Education, two in the program of Guizhou innovative talent training, four academic pacesetters at college level, and eleven academic backbones.

The College of Chemistry and Environmental Science currently owns labs covering more than two square kilometers and equipped with laboratory apparatuses worthy ofnearlythirty million yuan, including an experiment center of basic chemistry(consisting labs of inorganic chemistry, of organic chemistry, of analytic chemistry and of physico-chemistry),a research center for ecological monitoring of Karst wetland, together with labs of analytic instruments, of sewage disposal, of environment comprehensive parameter monitoring and of pharmaceutical experiments(consisting labs of pharmaceutical analysis, of pharmaceutical chemistry, of pharmacy, of pharmacology, of anthropotomy, and of plant tissue culture). Besides, the College has a pharmaceutical botany, a Karst wetland observation post of Guizhou Lake Caohai, two provincial key labs, namely, the Lab of Pharmaceutical Exploration of Guizhou Ethnic Minorities of National People’s Committee, and the Lab of Karst Wetland Ecological Monitoring of Guizhou Education Ministry.

The College of Chemistry and Environmental Science has guaranteed quality education, and adhered to the ideas of open education as well as combining of productivity and practice. Besides, organic chemistry, analytic chemistry and pharmacy has been awarded key disciplines and high rated courses. The faculties of pharmacy and environmental science have excellent teaching teams, and applied chemistry is a provincial distinctive major and a key discipline. It has also signed agreements of joint education with twenty eight research institutes, such as Guizhou Scientific Institute, and Guizhou Agricultural Institute, to name a few. The Joint Education Base of Guizhou Minzu Universtiy and Guizhou Hongyu Health Company was assigned an engineering construction project of undergraduate education by Education Ministry in 2013.

Over the past five years, the College has undertaken 9 projects to fund natural researche and social science, 37 other scientific projects at both national and provincial levels, 68 projects sponsored by Provincial Ministry of Science, Provincial Ministry of Education, Provincial People’s Committee and Organization Department of Provincial Party Committee in various fields, together with one project of national comprehensive reform of academic disciplines totaling ten million yuan. In all the projects mentioned above, the College has published thirty seven monographs and text books, three hundred academic papers of which fifty one have been included in SCI and EI, nine have obtained a patent.

The College has made a point of the management of teachers and students, party construction and student activities. The College Party Committee has been awarded the College Party Committee of the Year in a successive four years,Party Organization of the Year by Guizhou Committee of Education in 2009 and 2010, Party Organization of the Year by Guizhou Ministry of Education in 2014. Also, two people have been awarded excellent party members and two excellent teachers at provincial level.

The College has made great performances in a variety of activities organized by Guizhou Minzu University, including four-time winning four times and runner up once in University sport meetings in the recent five years. In National Innovative Contest of the theme of resource conservation and resource recycle, students of the college won one second prize in the category of scientific invention. Association of Green Science and Environment Protection of the College was awarded Guizhou Top 10 Student Societies, one student won the third prize in Century Gold Cup, a national cultural activities of university campus, two students got project approvals in national innovative training plan of college students and fourteen students got project approvals in provincial innovative training plan.

Over the past five years, 818 students have obtained a bachelor degree with a high employment rate. After graduation, students have achieved great employment in different sections, therefore, the College of Chemistry and Environmental Science has been awarded Advanced College in five successive years by Guizhou Minzu University.

Under the leadership of University, the College of Chemistry and Environmental Science has been on the way of becoming a college with top teachers, up to today facilities, quality education, great management and an agreeable environment.

The Motto of the College: Be knowledgeable, be suspicious, be innovative and be persistent.


Contact: Dean: Huazhong He

              Tel: 86-851-83610313