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A Brief Introduction to Higher Vocational and Technical College(College of Continued Education)
2016-01-20 15:57  

Higher Vocational Technical College(College of Continued Education), the predecessor of College of Higher Vocational Technical Education established in 2006, was founded in July, 2009, consisting the same faculty of Higher Vocational and Technical College and College of Continued Education. It has integrated College of Adult Education(founded in 2005), Adult Education Center(founded in 1997 by Department of Adult Education, Department of Correspondence and Department of Training Planning) and Department of Adult Education by adjusting school disciplines and optimizing resources. The college currently has nineteen teaching and administrative staff members, four professors, five lecturers, one PHD student and five postgraduate students. Teachers of the college has been awarded one Provincial Teaching Achievement Prize, presided over more than ten provincial scientific researches, published over fifty research papers as well as over five academic monographs.

Over the years, Vocational and Technical College under the leadership of College Party Committee, adhering to the correct directions of school management has formed a united, creative and energetic team of teachers. So far, the college has produced twenty thousand or so students, including graduate students, higher adult education of junior college students, higher education of professional and technical education students, modern distance education students and self-taught graduates, of whom over 75% are ethic minorities, and many of whom have become business backbones, grassroots leaders and advanced workers in all walks of life.

The College boasts its multi-media lecture rooms, computer rooms, music instrument practice rooms, dancing rooms, painting workshops, teaching management and research institutes(including Professional Education Department, Arts Teaching Section, Air Attendant Education Section) apart from its advantages of a strong faculty, beautiful and well-equipped campus environment. The College is not only an institute for adult higher education, higher professional and technical education, modern distance education, a service center for provincial higher education of self-taught students, a test center for National Computer Rank Examination and bachelor’s degree exam for self-taught students, but also the forty eighth national verification organization of professional techniques in Guizhou province.

In recent years, the College has taken effective measures so as to improve its quality, broaden its scale, steadily develop adult higher education and expand modern distance education. It has set up many adult correspondence education and adult teaching sites as well as both full-time and part-time assistance education for self-taught students, forming adult education network covering the whole province. Over the past twenty years, the College has formed a province-wide comprehensive school system, as well as a diverse and adopted distinctive ways of school management. Currently, the College has fourteen majors for bachelor degree, eighteen majors for bacharelato degree(ranging from literature, history, laws, sciences, engineering, management, economics to education), which are taught by means of correspondence and full-time education with three academic levels, including high school to junior college, high school to college and junior college to college. Besides, the College has set up Wuhan University Modern Distance Education Center, Continued Education Center of Guizhou Minzu College and Southwest University online education center. Since the founding of these centers, they have set up graduate majors such as nursing, advertisement design, tourism management, computer and advertisement for both bachelordegree.


Contact: Dean: Hongmin Suo

              Tel: 86-851-83617199