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A Brief Introduction to the College of International Education
2017-03-14 09:27  

The Introduction of the College of International Education

Guizhou Minzu University is one of the earlier universities which has the qualifications of accepting foreign students in Guizhou. The number of the short-term and long-term international students develops from dozens to hundreds. The level of foreign students extends from non-degree students to undergraduates, postgraduates, Ph. D. s and senior visiting students. In 2014, the university awarded the qualifications of Chinese governmentscholarship.

The college of international education in GuizhouMinzu University was founded in 2013, which is responsible for foreign students and foreign students in Chinese language major's teaching and management. The college has four divisions, which are General Office, the Academic Management Section, the Foreign Students' Management Section and the Chinese Language Education Centre. There are 9 teachers in total, 1 professor, 3 vice professors, and 5 teaching assistants.

As for the foreign students' education, it was divided into two categories: academic education and non-academic education. There are three levels in academic education including PhD graduates, postgraduates and undergraduate; the non-academic education includes various disciplines' study and long/short-term training. At present, there are 385 foreign students from 23 countries, which are U.S., Korea, Russia, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Belgium, Japan, Mali, Singapore, Romania, France, Thailand, Turkey, Indonesia, United Kindom, Mexico and Egypt. 264 of whom are foreign students with academic degrees. The students with degrees are supported separately by Chinese government scholarship, Guizhouprovincial government scholarship and GuizhouMinzu University scholarship.The Chinese language preparatory teaching class could help students rapidly develop language techniques and language communication abilities, and help them pass the HSK test, then successfully enter the stage of professional study; The short-term group studying class has the flexible courses' design and diverse classroom activities, which provides foreign students chances to experience Chinese culture, to learn Chinese calligraphy, Chinese painting, Chinese Kung Fu, Chinese Chess, Chinese videos music appreciation and to attend the regular lectures. At the same time, the students could enjoy Guizhou's wonderful sceneries and experience Guizhou’s unique ethnic customs and cultural histories. All the qualified long/short-term non-academic foreign students will be awarded with qualification certificate by the college.

Contact: Dean: Zhang Hong